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Working on some NFT's

Ether Waves One NFT

Ether Waves One NFT

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Ether Flow

Ether Flow

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I love many styles of music. I don't dabble in different styles just so I can "please everyone"

Honestly I do it because I love it. I love writing a hard rock song and then writing a folk song and then writing a pop song...well you get the point.

My main influences are artists like U2, Coldplay, Smashing Pumpkins, Mathew Good, The Tea Party, Pearl Jam, and Our Lady Peace. But I've also had influence from country, pop, and electronic artists.


My new EP "Visceral Transitions" is only a small taste of how I like to change things up.  

I know I’m not the first musician to jump from genre to genre, but every time I hear someone say "you just need to find your sound". I think "Wow how boring" 

I understand that I may turn some potential fans away by being inconsistent in my choice of genre or style.  I also have an appreciation for many talented artists who do stick to one style. But for me I would rather have people embrace me for being who I need to be. I am a genre jumping artist. 

Many of the best of the best of songwriters have been willing to change their sound on several occasions. My guess is that they felt that they would go insane if they stuck to one main genre, even if it might cost them millions in sales.


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